Inspiring, celebrating & supporting the performing arts in the Napa Valley.

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The performing arts is an essential element of Napa Valley’s iconic food, wine, and cultural experience.As a non-profit (501c3) organization, Napa Valley Presents supports performing arts through grants for programs that create, present, and connect people with performing arts.Napa Valley Presents also participates in community partnerships, initiatives, and outreach to support the performing arts in Napa County.

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Opened in 1880, the history of the iconic Napa Valley Opera House is also a journey for the local arts over the last 142 years.From 1880 to 1914, the Opera House was “the” performing arts and community event venue in the North Bay, hosting world class operas, musical concerts, vaudeville acts, theatre performances, lectures by famous authors, and numerous community events nearly every single night.In 1914, the stages went dark for decades, until 1997 when, led by the Mondavi and diRosa families, funds were raised to rebuild the Opera House to its former grandeur, with a magnificent re-opening in June 2002. In the fall of 2021, the Napa Valley Opera House Board of Trustees sold the Opera House to John and Michelle Truchard who remain committed to ensuring the building’s distinct place in our community for generations to come.

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Napa Valley Presents Performing Arts Grants are awarded to individuals, organizations, and activities that create, present, and connect people with performing arts and that support and further the mission of Napa Valley Presents.We invite you to apply for grant support. The process begins with a brief Letter of Intent (LOI), due November 1. This is your chance to share more information about your project and your vision. Selected applicants will be invited to submit full grant applications, due in January. Please review more details about grant application eligibility and criteria by clicking below.

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Perform Napa Valley celebrationPerform! Napa Valley is an annual event that puts the spotlight the array of performing arts experiences taking place during that time in our community, increase awareness about local performing arts and performance artists, and strengthen support for the performing arts year-round.The inaugural Perform Napa Valley was held September 17 - 25 2022, offering a vibrant and eclectic list of events, ranging from National musical headliners spanning rock, blues, R&B classical and more, to incredible local talent, comedy, Live DJs, theater performances...even karaoke for budding artists and headliners!Each year in September, a robust and comprehensive calendar of events for the nine-day celebration will be available on the Napa Valley Presents website with direct links to performance information so the community can easily access information in one place, purchase tickets and make plans to attend events.



If you are able to contribute to Napa Valley Presents and support a vibrant performing arts community, please consider making a donation to our fund.Every dollar we receive will be used to advance our mission to inspire, celebrate and support the performing arts as an essential element of Napa Valley’s iconic food, wine and cultural experience.Through our grantmaking and other programming we will support individuals, organizations, and activities that create, present, and connect people with performing arts.Online contributions will launch soon. If you would like to donate in the meantime, please send us an email

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